Friday, 23 May 2014

NewGamer WordPress Theme

NewGamer – A Gaming focused WordPress theme, styled in dark and neat colors. Perfect for Video Game and Entertainment websites. This theme has been specifically styled in colors and a layout that would suit any gaming website.
Theme Features
  1. Dark and Neat colors – Perfect for gaming and entertainment websites.
  2. Featured image – Full size featured images.
  3. Custom Logo option – Theme supports the upload of a custom logo to replace the default site text. Suggested logo dimensions are 300 x 80.
  4. Custom Background option – Theme supports background color changes and a background image. Outside the wrapper, the colors can be changed using the color picker in the ‘Customize’ area. A background image can also be uploaded which can be fixed or scroll-able.
  5. Custom Font – Thanks to the availability of free fonts, this theme features a neat custom font for all the text.
  6. Footer widgets – Add 3 sets of widgets at the bottom of the page.
  7. Return to top link in the footer.
[Update] Theme is now up on


  1. qm2blandford@gmail.com26 June 2014 at 02:54

    can someone plz tell me what is the default code for or under slide bar i changed it up by accident

    1. Hi, just re-upload theme files, it should override to default

  2. awesome thems,, i like this bro

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  4. i work on new version of my site and this template is very good, see it online quickly, thanks !

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  6. I like it. Thankn you for sharing.

  7. Hi, Responsive ou not ????

  8. I like play flash games and more unyti games.

  9. I want a sidebar widget like the 'Latest Entries' in the theme pic. Using the recent posts widgets I don't get any images. I've tried adding some code to the sidebar.php but nothing is working for me yet that looks as good as the pic up there. Any tips? Thanks.