Friday, 23 May 2014

NewGamer WordPress Theme

NewGamer – A Gaming focused WordPress theme, styled in dark and neat colors. Perfect for Video Game and Entertainment websites. This theme has been specifically styled in colors and a layout that would suit any gaming website.
Theme Features
  1. Dark and Neat colors – Perfect for gaming and entertainment websites.
  2. Featured image – Full size featured images.
  3. Custom Logo option – Theme supports the upload of a custom logo to replace the default site text. Suggested logo dimensions are 300 x 80.
  4. Custom Background option – Theme supports background color changes and a background image. Outside the wrapper, the colors can be changed using the color picker in the ‘Customize’ area. A background image can also be uploaded which can be fixed or scroll-able.
  5. Custom Font – Thanks to the availability of free fonts, this theme features a neat custom font for all the text.
  6. Footer widgets – Add 3 sets of widgets at the bottom of the page.
  7. Return to top link in the footer.
[Update] Theme is now up on


  1. qm2blandford@gmail.com26 June 2014 at 02:54

    can someone plz tell me what is the default code for or under slide bar i changed it up by accident

    1. Hi, just re-upload theme files, it should override to default

  2. awesome thems,, i like this bro

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  4. i work on new version of my site and this template is very good, see it online quickly, thanks !

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  6. I like it. Thankn you for sharing.

  7. Hi, Responsive ou not ????

  8. I like play flash games and more unyti games.

  9. I want a sidebar widget like the 'Latest Entries' in the theme pic. Using the recent posts widgets I don't get any images. I've tried adding some code to the sidebar.php but nothing is working for me yet that looks as good as the pic up there. Any tips? Thanks.

  10. how do you show latest entries with pic and text? what plugin is this?

    how to show latest post with title pic and body with a read more button? my site doesnt show anything

  11. Looks cool. Thanks for sharing :D

  12. My post just show as title with read more buttons, could you help me with this? i see yours as images/videos with a little text...

  13. Can you please make the theme support translations?

    I wanted to translate a few things using CodeStyling Localization but the theme is not listed :(

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